Monday, March 5, 2012

Who helped you?

 I am going to talk about a topic that can be pretty touchy to some photographers. I want to give my opinion on the matter. There are so many photographers that are so secretive about what they do & don't like sharing ANY INFORMATION with new photographers.

 Each one of us (photographers) has had to start at the bottom & each one of us is still learning. We never get too old to learn or we never get to the point to where we are so good that we don't need to learn anything. 

I am extremely thankful to each photographer that has took the time to answer questions, give advice, critique or trust me to the point to where they hand me a camera at a wedding they have been hired for & say "go take pictures."

 If it wasn't for the Lord guiding me & directing me & these people helping me when I needed help,(Shivley Photography, Southern Expressions Photography, Merrick Photography & Boudoir Chic Photography) I would not be able to do what I love. I don't understand photographers that think just because they tell someone what professional lab they use, what location their last shoot was or what font thy use that this newbie is going to become their competition overnight.

 Photography is an art & art is a prefrence. Many people have different tastes in art & there are plenty of photographers out there to fit everyone's taste. Now let me say this, I don't condone one photographer stealing another photographer's images & trying to pass them off as their own. That is just WRONG on all accounts! If you have to resort to stealing images & removing the watermark & then posting them on your site as your own, then you are NOT a professional!

 To other photographers who feel it necessary to be so secretive, I ask...Who helped you when you first started out? Did you just pick up a camera one day & bam, you're a professional photographer?

 Didn't you ask other more experienced photographers questions? Lighten up & offer some help to those who are inspired by you. Just my two cents.

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