Thursday, May 3, 2012

Where To Shop For Your Boudoir Outfits When You Are On A Budget

So you have got your boudoir session fee covered but you still need outfits & you don't want to break the bank. Where does a girl find cute & sexy outfits on a budget? Never fear my dear ;-) I am here to help.

 Let's start with the basic bra & panties set. One of the best places to find super cute bra & panties sets for DIRT CHEAP is at Forever 21! You can shop online or if you are local here in Memphis, they have a store located in The Wolfchase Galleria Mall. You can also buy separates. They have bras starting at $3.80!! Another place to shop is Sears. Yes, I said Sears. They have the Kardashian Kollection that is very hot & pretty reasonable price wise. They are not as low in price as Forever 21 but their stuff is a little higher quality & still very affordable. The Kardasian Kollection has a little more to choose from than Forever 21 & even more in the store. Now I can't discuss lingerie without mentioning Victoria's Secret.

 If you are on a budget & still want to shop at Victoria's Secret, shop during their semi annual sale. They have this sale twice a year & you can get some great deals during that sale. You can also check their clearance page online every so often. Now that we have the basics out of the way, let's move on to shoes! Again, I have to give a shout out to Forever 21! They have got some killer heels & none over $34.80!

 My next favorite place for awesome looking shoes would be Payless Shoes. They have some really hot shoes & I don't think I have ever spent over $30 there on one pair of shoes. In fact, you can get on their mailing list & they will send you coupons to get even more off their already low price. If you are looking for accessories, check out Charming Charlies & JCPenney. They both have some great hair accessories & jewelry. I hope this has helped you put together some sweet looking outfits for your boudoir session but at a very sweet price. You can visit each of the stores I listed below. JCPenney has the hair accessories in their store.

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